Modern World and US History ONLINE

Summer 2017 Assignment: Read the two essays below. Also, watch the four videos. Then you will write a five paragraph essay that responds to the following prompt: 
"Based on what you know from the essays and the videos, which society, Europe or China, would you argue had a better cultural history? Make sure to compare the two cultures in your essay."

Write the essay on a computer and save the file. We will be turning it in on at the beginning of the school year once we have our accounts.
Current Event #3 – Due 11-29-17. Find a news story that is non-US focused. The story can include the US, but must originate and primarily be about another country in the world OTHER THAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The story must be current, meaning that it must have happened within the last month and cannot be a continuation of a story that has been going on for several months and/or years. Only a significant change to an ongoing issue would be considered to be a current event.  

Write two paragraphs in your current event. The first paragraph will focus on who is involved in the news story, what happened, when it was, and where it happened. Make sure to include a good summary of the story with regard to that information. In the second paragraph you will write about why the story is historically significant AND include your opinion about the story. DUE ON TURNITIN.COM ALL PERIODS.

Standard 10.3/10.4 Online Assignment: Watch the video below and then respond on (period 4/6)
1. In a short paragraph explain how the video relates to Standard 10.4.
2. In another paragraph explain which three things you found the most interesting about Imperialism.
3. Go to this website:
Download the first episode of Season 1 (The Lady Vanishes).  In your final paragraph, after listening to the podcast explain how it deals with Standard 10.3, and give your opinion on the information presented in the podcast.
Due 12-5-17
Common Core 10.1 Instructions by paragraph up on Schoology.  Make sure to get onto Schoology so you can turn things in if you are in periods 4 or 6.

Period 3: Copy the following link and put it into an address bar for the video: