Modern World and US History ONLINE

​Honors World History Summer Assignment.  Read the two essays below and watch the corresponding videos.  When you have completed that write a 3-5 paragraph essay that responds to the following prompt:

"Using the two essays and the videos below, compare the history of China and Europe.  Develop an argument that determines which region had the greatest (most important and/or influential) history and use evidence to support your argument. Make sure to fully explain your argument."  

CURRENT EVENT #2 - Due 10-19-18: Find a news story that deals with a current event (within the last month) that does not originate or come from the United States. In your first paragraph you will need to write up a summary of the news story that describes who, what, where, and when about the story. In a second paragraph you will explain why the story is important to the world, and what your opinion about the story is. Turn this in on
ONLINE ASSIGNMENT #1 - Due 10-5-18: Find the file on Schoology entitled "Standard 10.1.wav" and open it and listen to it. Write a response to the following prompt on for your assignment: "Identify two claims that the speaker makes, and give evidence supporting their claim (you can paraphrase, you don't have to quote). Then, explain two things that you found the most interesting, and fully explain why."